What is RentMaster?

A complete and professional rent collection service for residential property owners
backed by a no-nonsense guarantee.

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We invest a lot of time to ensure that a fit and proper tenant is selected to rent your property. We obtain comprehensive credit and previous tenancy  information relating to payments, damages and absconsion. We also do full employment reference and rent affordability checks in-line with the National Credit Act.


We provide all the necessary application forms, inspection schedules, payment instructions, lease agreements required to ensure that the contractual relationship with the tenant is on a sound footing right from the start. Our contracts and agreements comply with the Consumer Protection and  Rental Housing Act.


On the 1st day of the month we process all payments directly via  a secure banking payment system that is governed by the Financial Services Board (we don’t touch your money!). That is how we can guarantee your money in your bank on the 1st working day with absolute certainty. We will do all your related payments for you as well to ensure that your property portfolio financial affairs are always up to date.


As part of the monthly collection and payment administration, we will also prepare and send out all receipts and statements as required by the Rental Housing Act. If required, we can also send these on your company or mandated agent’s letterhead.


We make sure that non-paying tenants are properly dealt with, and if required evicted efficiently.  We will brief the attorney and manage the process and best of all, pick up all the legal fees. Since we’ve already paid you your rent, it is our money that is outstanding.


I am happy with the service given over the last few years to both myself and my tenants (mine, my son’s, my daughter’s and my husband’s).

I would recommend Rentmaster to other Landlords.

Margaret B

I have always had very friendly and efficient service from your team and have no hesitation on recommending your service to other property investors.

I like sleeping well at night.

Lynne S

I am very happy with Rent Master and would definitely recommend your services to other people.

I have had problems with previous tenants who had to move out due to not affording the rent and your staff handled it very well.

Tania B

I’m definitely very satisfied.  My last tenant was problematic and you guys supported me so well throughout the situation without issues from your side.  Your staff is extremely helpful which has led me to recommend you guys every time the topic of tenant management comes up.

A big thumbs up!

Barney de V
My experience with Rentmaster has been great thus far. I have been with you for the last 3 years and would continue to use your service .
Haroon L
I am very satisfied with the service provided since signing up with your company. The actual service provided during my hassles in Edenvale proved that your company is well run and most professional.
Thanks for being there when needed.
Ron D

I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent service and value that you offer. The Rentmaster team has made buy-to-let completely stress free and fun again! You continue to handle my tenants with respect and I get my rentals on time every time, in spite of the tenants defaulting. I would highly recommend RentMaster and have referred friends and family with confidence.

Van R

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