Prescreen your tenants and save time and money

When we screen a potential tenant, our first step is to draw a TPN report to assess the tenant’s historic payment profile.

TPN is a registered credit bureau, a company that provides consumer credit information on individuals which helps you to assess a tenant’s credit worthiness.

If you’re in a hurry to place a tenant – and want to save yourself a bit of money in the process – you can prescreen your prospective tenant by drawing this report yourself.

To do this, you need get the tenant to sign the Rental Application Form, which gives you the tenant’s written permission to call up the report. Registering with TPN is a simple procedure and once you have entered the tenant’s details, you will receive a report which will offer you a lot of detail including a Credex score of between A and F. A is an excellent credit profile and F is poor. If the applicant gets a C or better, you can submit their details to RentMaster for further assessment. Anything below C will probably not get approved.

(To find out more about the basket of assessments we do at RentMaster to asses the suitability of the applicant, read this article.)