I already have a tenant. Can I still use your services?

RM-Q&AThis is a question we are often asked and, as is often the case, there is a short answer and a much longer one that contains a lot of “ifs”.

In short, of course we can help you…

if we have had a look at and are happy with your current lease agreement or the tenant agrees to sign a RentMaster lease agreement;

if we have drawn a credit report for the current tenant (to which she must agree) and we are satisfied that she can afford the rental amount. (We will not need a credit report if you have been maintaining your tenant’s payment history on the Tenant Profile Network (TPN) database);

if the tenant signs a debit order authority.

Since the tenant has already occupied the property and probably there is an existing agreement in place, she is under no obligation to agree to these requests so the ball is really in your court as a landlord.

Another question we often get: Where have you been all my life?!