Tips for placing an effective rental advert

Step one: Pointers for taking great photos of your property

Since we don’t find you a tenant, we thought we would write a series of articles to help you to successfully find a suitable tenant for your property. If you plan to place your own advert in one of the many online property sites, it’s a good idea to start with some good photographs.

The better your photos are, the more prospective tenants you will attract. Conversely, blurry, poorly lit photos could put a lot of potential tenants off. Here are some pointers to help you take the best possible photos without breaking the bank.

Which camera?

You don’t need a fantastic camera or a professional photographer to take good pics. A good smart phone will suffice. If you are keen to experiment a bit, there are also some great free apps such as ProCamera that allow you to manually adjust the settings.

Before you snap away, list all the nicest aspects of your property (of course, it helps if you’ve lived there yourself). There might be a beautiful morning view from the bedroom window or perhaps the sunset from the verandah. When capturing these shots, try to frame them through a window or doorway so that the viewer can see that it’s not just any old sunset but actually viewed from the property.

Clutter, be gone!

Before you even take out your camera, work your way through the property and remove knickknacks and clutter. Keep surfaces clear, with just a touch of homeliness – a bowl of fruit, flower vase, artwork, etc.

Include a photo of all the rooms – each bedroom, the lounge, kitchen, bathroom and any other rooms that your property offers. If there is a garden, include a photo. One photo of each will suffice – you really don’t need more than 10 photos for your listing.

A note about lighting

For interior shots it’s a good idea to bump up the natural lighting by switching on the interior lights. If you find your photo still has some gloomy spots, bring some extra lamps in from other rooms. Ideally you want to take the interior shots late morning on a sunny day. Switch your flash off but make sure your camera/phone is very stable when you take pictures – if you have a tripod, brilliant. If not, rest it on some books on a table or make sure you hold the camera with a steady hand.

Your camera should automatically adjust the lighting so move it around a bit and decide which view casts your room in its best light.

If you are taking exterior shots of the property, early morning is usually the best time, ideally with the sun shining on the façade and not behind it. Alternatively wait for dusk, switch on the interior lights and take some photos of the property from the outside – you can often achieve a dramatic effect in this way.

Do you have a floorplan of the property? It’s a great idea to add this to the listing’s photos.

Now that you have some good pics, we will delve into the contents of your advert in our next article.

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