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The new Property Practitioners Act: a landlord’s perspective

We checked in with Sonja Wijnja, RentMaster’s Legal Manager to find out whether the Property Practitioners Act (PPA) is likely to affect landlords. Over to you, Sonja: Firstly, the Act was signed by the president, but it is not yet effective and it is not clear when it will come into effect. We are currently […]

Pre-screen your tenant with these questions

If you have chosen to go it alone and find your own tenant, you might find that you have several prospective tenants wishing to rent your property. But how do you choose one over the others? Maybe some insight into how we vet tenants will help you. We look at three main areas when vetting a […]

Finding your rental sweet spot

So, you have a property that you wish to rent out. But how do you set a fair price? If you set the price too high, you’ll probably struggle to find a tenant. On the other hand you would like your investment to be as profitable as possible. By doing thorough research you can establish […]

Can my tenant use the deposit as the last month’s rent?

Many tenants are under the false impression that they can simply instruct the landlord to use the security deposit as the last month’s rent. A good lease agreement would mention specifically that this is not permitted, since the main function of the security deposit is to protect the landlord against any damages to the property caused […]

Find your own tenant and save money

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra month’s rent in your pocket? If you decide to find a tenant yourself rather than pay a rental agent to place one for you, you’ll save yourself the placement fee – usually one month’s rent. In a recent article we offered some pointers to take good photos of […]

How current water restrictions affect landlords & tenants

Times of scarcity often have the effect turning people against each other and Cape Town’s current water crisis is no exception, with many disputes regarding water usage arising between landlords and tenants. Here are some tips for landlords to help them navigate this difficult time with their tenant. Level 5 restrictions in a nutshell Residents […]

Watch out for deposit fraudsters!

As the silly season approaches we see the predictable increase in activity of scammers and con-artists defrauding the public of their hard-earned money. Deon Botha, CEO of specialist Rental guarantee company Rentmaster says “Scams to steal money paid across as security deposits to secure rental property is an old trick that can easily be detected […]