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The Experts in Property Rental Collections

Since 2001, RentMaster has been improving rental collections, so you have a positive cashflow and aren’t left out of pocket.

Our business is your cash and we take it seriously.

Our process

We simplify the collection process and make sure you are financially and legally compliant.


Send us tenant supporting application and documents.

Contract & Deposit

We provide perfectly legal lease agreements to sign.
Tenant deposit held in trust account for transparency


We load your bank details to pay rent on time and in full.

Monthly Cashflow

Tell us who else to pay and get paid effortlessly.

Knowing our products

Let us help you select the right cashflow plan.


R 165 / collection
  • Generating and delivering, by electronic means, invoices to a tenant
  • Monitoring the payment of all amounts payable by a tenant to the landlord in terms of a lease
  • Profiling a tenant’s payment history and behaviour by sharing information concerning the tenant’s payment history and behaviour with a registered credit bureau or bureaux
  • Collection of all amounts payable by a tenant to the landlord in terms of a lease
  • Issuing and delivering, demands for payment to a tenant who has not paid any amount owed to the landlord
  • Notifying a registered credit bureau or bureaux of a tenant’s default of its obligations owed to the landlord in terms of a lease, in accordance with the provisions of legislation
  • Providing quasi-legal and credit advice to the client, upon request, in respect of a lease or a tenant

For this service, a fee of R 165 (including Vat) will be deducted per collection.


2.88% / month
  • Lease documentation based on widely recognised industry standards
  • FICA verification
  • Debit order collection from the tenant’s bank account into the landlord’s bank account on time and in full
  • A cash flow benefit for one month should the tenant default
  • Pay vendors from the rental collection on the 1st of the month – leaving the landlord with the remainder and no further fuss
  • Soft collections of any non or delayed payments during this time. These include
    • Active payment monitoring,
    • payment profiling,
    • letters of demand and
    • legal debt collection processes including blacklisting
  • Providing you with the process documentation for eviction
  • Legal advisory support
  • Deposit management and safekeeping of trust monies

For this service, a monthly commission of 2.88% (including Vat) + R60 administration is deducted.


4.6% / month
  • Lease documentation based on widely recognised industry standards
  • FICA verification
  • Debit order collection from the tenant’s bank account into the landlord's bank account on time and in full
  • A cash flow benefit for three consecutive months should the tenant default
  • Pay vendors from the rental collection on the 1st of the month – leaving the landlord with the remainder and no further fuss
  • Soft collections of any non or delayed payments during this time. These include
    • Active payment monitoring,
    • payment profiling,
    • letters of demand and
    • legal debt collection processes including blacklisting
  • Executing the legal eviction process on your behalf
  • Legal advisory support
  • Deposit management and safekeeping of trust monies

For this service, a monthly commission of 4.6% (including Vat) + R60 administration is deducted.

What we are good at?

We have been making a difference to property owners since 2001, by collecting their rental on time and taking action as soon as things don’t go according to plan.

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RentMaster became the first organisation of its kind in South Africa by offering a rental guarantee to property owners in 2001. We’ve continued to provide a rental cashflow product for over two decades - whilst constantly understanding how the property industry, and the South African economy, has changed over this time.

With this know-how, and depth of experience, we have built our improved systems to reflect how rental leases should work – both with the right financial and legal touch points in place. By evolving our digital platform to meet the your needs, our capable RentMaster team is able to receive and process financial information in a secure and reliable way.

You can now be assured that tenants pay in line with their rental agreements, have your monies in the bank on the 1st of the month, and have us take swift action if payment is not made.


People are constantly faced with life’s challenges – whether it’s an unexpected medical bill or retrenchments.

The days of signing leases and letting them run without vigilance has come and gone; as property owners you need to adapt to constantly changing economic circumstances that affect tenants, and ultimately your pockets.

With RentMaster’s years of experience, it means we understand how to look for risk flags when you place a tenant in your property, and after that to watch for changes in a tenants profile. We can then act quickly for you and avoid problems escalating.

We understand that landlords need a predictable cash flow, and tenants need to build up their own good payment record. Our constant engagement with you, as the property owner, and your tenants, means we bridge this gap.

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Collecting rent is an active job

We remove the hassle of collecting rental from your tenants and we pay you on the 1st.

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Our fully automated, secure payment and debit order system gets your money in on time, every time

  • Tenant payment profile is monitored
  • Payments visible on their credit profile
  • Legally compliant lease documentation
  • All invoicing and statement documentation
  • Get access to top rental management software for free, to manage leases and invoices, view payment status’s and receive reports.

Recover Tenant Debt Meticulously

We take the difficult legal process of recovering outstanding rent off your hands.

We have established secure systems and legally compliant processes, backed up by experienced debt negotiators and legal personnel. 79% of our tenant base is in goodstanding – meaning they pay on time.

We understand that tenants need to pay their rent on time, and property owners have their own bills to pay. Having these crucial conversations makes a big difference. We support both property owners and tenants through what can be a very challenging and emotional process.

Following legal process in rental collections is fundamental and we do just that. We also believe in handling any eviction in a professional and dignified manner for all parties involved.

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Handling legal evictions since 2001

We are so sure of our success that we use our own money.

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We are financially stable enough to use our own money to fund you whilst we collect from the tenant.

  • Get peace of mind that rental income is in your bank account on the 1st of each month
  • You won’t get left stranded with bills to pay whilst tenants stay in your properties for free
  • We receive your instructions on who you would like to pay on a monthly basis and you get whatever cashflow remains
  • Rental deposits are safe and audited annually
  • Any deductions from deposits are confirmed and paid out as instructed


What our Clients say about us, we love hearing about how we continue to deliver value to both private property owners and property agents.

As a client for the past three years, I've relied on the expertise of the RentMaster team to ensure that my rental collection was seamless and on time. The hassle of dealing with a non-paying tenant is eliminated and the professional interaction with the RentMaster team has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Thank you RentMaster team for always ensuring we act in the best interests of the owner and with fairness towards the tenant. I look forward to continuously working with RentMaster.

Zaheed Peer

Private Landlord
Have been using RentMaster for a number of years. I was in the unfortunate position where a tenant defaulted and caused months of back and forth between tenant and RentMaster. The new management and team handled this with such a positive attitude. Late night calls, explaining processes to me and diligent follow up made lemonade out of the situation. Keep it up!

Deon Joubert

Private Landlord
RentMaster has really helped me with non-paying tenants, they have made the process so easy for me and I highly recommend them.

Gomolemo Masego Kau

Private Landlord
RetirementSA and Nationlink Plattekloof proudly displays RentMaster as a strategic partner on our website and marketing material as well as all our communications with our tenants. Since we have joined more than 5 years ago, we have maintained a 100% collection rate on both portfolios without fail.

We wish the RentMaster team well on the exciting road ahead.

Marelize van Rooyen

Property Agency - Director

Follow the Latest News

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5 Jan 2021

Q&A: Shanaaz Trethewey, CEO of Rentmaster

Shanaaz Trethewey knows first-hand how quickly the rental process can go from a peaceful dream of passive income, to a nightmare of debt collection and emotional stress. As a property owner herself, she knows how time-consuming and risky being a landlord is, and she is passionate about spearheading RentMaster, which makes tenants and landlords’ lives harmonious, fair and stress-free. We chat to Shanaaz about starting her own business, and the value of providing ease-of-mind.

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19 Jan 2021

Rental rates for 2021

Shanaaz Trethewey, CEO of Rentmaster, discusses what has changed in the rental market for those that are renting out their properties and for those renting.

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24 May 2021

Can falling behind on your rent affect your credit score?

What happens to your credit record if you stop paying rent? For many years diligently paying monthly rent could simply not be recorded by many credit bureaus. Specialist rental payment credit bureau, TPN, records a tenant’s rental payment data and when combined with other consumer credit data – a more complete consumer profile can be seen.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are focused on building relationships with our clients and rental community.

RentMaster’s guarantee is a product with a cash flow benefit, which means we pay you, the landlord, in full when the rent is due and payable, on the 1st of each month. The collection of rental enters our debt collection environment where we follow up with the tenant to collect any arrears.

We are so much more than a guarantee though due to our platform integration with RentBook, South Africa’s leading tenant profiling, lease management and financial software system.

We have two products: a 3-month cash flow, and a 1-month cash flow.

The power of our products is if a tenant defaults, we carry the risk.

No, RentMaster is not an insurance product. Our product is a cash flow product, and we use our own funds to carry the risk, the landlord is paid, and we recover from the tenant. The benefit to landlords is that we have skin in the game to ensure that recovery is made, and defaulting tenants are proactively addressed.
Because we cash flow the rent, there is no reimbursement of lost rental. We advance you the rent so that you do not have to worry about the collection process or have to deal with defaulting tenants. You earn passive income, continue with your commitments, while we take care of the money recovery and the debt collection process.
No, because RentMaster is not an insurance product. However, our property and legal experts will:
  • Advise you on the penalties as per the lease agreement which we provide
  • Pay the rental should it be due and payable to you
  • Recover the outstanding debt from the tenant if the lease is still in effect

As is standard with registered debt collectors we charge a debt collection fee, which becomes part of the debt to be settled with the tenant.

As your partner in collection, the tenant needs to remedy their breach on the rental and the fees as a result of non-timeous payment. These fees include email charges, collection fees, debit order failure fees, and the costs for letters of demand issued.

Yes, all documentation must be submitted in full for each tenant. Meticulous attention to detail is vital to ensure that your tenant lease agreement can be legally enforced. Think of it like this, your rental agreement is like a Marriage Contract, you only realise how important it is should the marriage end. Through our digital platform, we make sure that as a landlord your documentation is up to scratch and fully complies with the law and FICA. This helps protect your investment property from unscrupulous defaulters.
RentMaster is accountable by law to verify the receipts and payments we make to third parties. We therefore have to FICA each payment manually to ensure the bank account matches the ID and is valid. Fraud is a very real threat in South Africa, and we must ensure that bank details are valid for the security of all involved. When manual payments are made, we have to verify bank details to ensure that we are paying into the correct accounts, for the benefit of all parties.

RentMaster manages payments at scale with a fully automated, secure payment platform. We therefore make the collection and payment process seamless to ensure there is no manual intervention or human error on accounts. Rental plus other costs are collected together on the same debit order.

There are benefits to using the debit order process:

  • You get payment on the 1st as per the lease
  • Flexible Debit Order dates on the 15th, 25th, 27th and 1st
  • Your tenant maintains a positive payment profile and credit record
  • Your tenant meets the obligations of the agreement
  • Helps your tenant manage their finances better

Those who do not want to use this system will attract manual processing costs of R150 outside of the debit order. (Remove this as we would like to discourage this? Opinion)

There are costs involved should the tenant’s debit order bounce and when the process moves into debt collection; this includes unmet debit order fees, notification to the tenant, letter of demand – these are detailed in your legally recognised RentMaster agreement which we provide to you.

The standard product is more than a collection tool with a 1-month benefit. The legal process requires documentation and with this product we have all the soft collection processes in place to provide the documentation should eviction become necessary.

What you will receive:

  • 1-month cash flow benefit
  • We remove the mess and fuss of collecting rent and amenities from the tenant
  • Detailed documentation and process trail for legal and FICA compliance
  • Ease of debit order system
  • We make sure your tenant’s personal information is secure and complies with PoPI – Protection of Personal Information regulation
  • We pay vendors on your behalf
  • Monitoring of your tenant’s risk profile is a vital part of our role

Vetting is part of the application process so you can be informed as to the quality of your tenant, and with RentMaster we are directly integrated into the property industry’s top credit bureau and tenant risk profile platform. There is an additional fee payable charged for the use of this platform. When RentMaster performs the check through this 3rd party platform, it also enables us to consistently monitor the tenant and upload data which impacts the tenant’s payment profile.

RentBook is owned by our strategic partner TPN Credit Bureau and we advise all landlords to use the platform for their benefit. RentBook is a top lease management software system that allows the landlord to handle invoicing and lease management in one secure place. RentBook also provides tenant vetting and active monitoring of your tenant’s risk profile.

RentBook allows the landlord to send a one-click collection instruction which automatically triggers the RentMaster collection process. It is as simple as that.

Some clients may not use the RentBook system and would still like to use the RentMaster cashflow product to collect the rent (based on the product selected).

Our client platform allows the landlord to:

  • View their tenant rent portfolio
  • Upload instructions for rental collections
  • Upload payment instructions to vendors (electricity, water and other) in a secure environment
  • Clients using RentBook, will also use the Client Portal to upload any vendor invoices to be paid
  • Monthly Report is also emailed to the landlord giving a summary of the payment and collection distributions, as well as a statement per property

This is the management of the guarantee associated with the lease maintained on RentBook.

No, TPN is an independent Credit Bureau that maintains payment profile data on tenants. RentMaster is a service provider to landlords for collection and the payment of rental. Through a strategic partnership with TPN our collections process works together with RentBook to gain access to their highly credible data to vet tenants initially, and monitor tenants on an ongoing basis for the guarantee portfolio.

Being property and financial experts with a track record in the industry, we know that tenant’s affordability and payment profiles change on a regular basis. A tenant’s ability to pay and their risk profile is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that during the lease term, tenants continue paying their rental.

If a tenant’s risk profile changes RentMaster steps in to take the necessary steps:

  • Watch the recovery on a daily basis and take action immediately, within the legal frameworks to ensure that the tenant is aware of the consequences of non-payment
  • Personal telephone calls
  • Follow up calls
  • Unmet email noted immediately when the debit order fails
  • Supply of the statement and breakdown of amounts owed
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Letter of demand
  • Letters of lease cancellation

Vetting simply means to confirm the details of the applicant and review their ability to pay their rental. Unlike a straight financial credit check, the TPN system is specialised to the property industry and the influencers that affect a tenant’s ability and priority to meet commitments. Reviewing tenant payment history is important as it helps us understand how the individual prioritises rental payment. Vetting also considers the tenant’s quality and source of income which also plays a role when understanding how they are able to afford their rental.
Rental is due and payable on the 1st of each month; your rental is directly paid into your account via our payment process.
We can also take care of any payments directly to vendors after receiving an instruction from the landlord on our secure Client Portal. Once we have received the funds from the tenant, the vendor account can be paid by us should you require it.

Using the client portal, a landlord must upload the additional amounts – electricity, water and any others - for collection and payment by RentMaster.

With RentBook or by use of your Client Portal, the invoice is adjusted with the additional collection amount, and then the amounts to be paid to vendors is determined by loading what we call “distributions” on the system.

This sends a direct instruction to the RentMaster Client Portal for us to collect from the tenant and pay to the supplier.

Debit orders are the most beneficial way to ensure that both landlord and tenant have stability and certainty on payments and receipts.

In exceptional circumstances only, we may allow a tenant to pay via EFT, however the tenant is liable for a manual processing fee.

RentMaster is a registered estate agent, and we hold the deposit for your lease in a safe trust account as required by law and your lease agreement. Deposit management is critical to ensure compliance with the rental housing act and the signed lease. We manage the deposit as stipulated by the lease, and ensure the deposit is treated in line with the legal requirements so both landlord and tenant receive the settlements as required as well as provide a clear account of this via a Deposit Statement.
At the end of the lease the deposit needs to be paid to the tenant depending on the claims made by the landlord in line the with the lease agreement. Deposits are paid on the 7th and 14th of the month as per the Rental housing Act.
RentMaster is a registered debt collector and as such charges industry standard debt collectors fees for the process of collection. The collection fees are also in line with the mandate and the lease agreement, which acknowledges that any default can be collected by a debt collector, and charges related to that collection can be levied.
RentMaster provides you all the relevant documentation once you sign up for the RentMaster product. All documents are legally compliant, up to industry standard and trusted by magistrates in the eviction process. RentMaster requires lease documents to be fully completed, so we can act in the best interests of the landlord on legally binding contracts.

How can we assist you?

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